EV Charging Station Now Open
July 11, 2022

There is now more than one way to fill up at Lake Country Co-op! We are excited to share that our Prince Albert Food Store is home to a new charging station in the Tesla Supercharger network. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we are providing our members and customers with 6 Tesla Superchargers and 2 Flo generic chargers. To date, the 6 Tesla Superchargers are operational. The 2 generic chargers will be installed and operational in the coming weeks. 

The cost of the service is based on charging time and is determined by Tesla.

This Tesla Supercharger station is the first and only in North Central Saskatchewan. We are enthused to be offering an EV facility that will create a significant increase in accessibility to EV charging within our trading area. “Facilitating development of EV charging infrastructure to serve our members is a key part of our evolution” explained Tim Keller CEO of Lake Country Co-op. “The addition of an EV charging station is a significant step on our journey towards long-term environmental sustainability and a low carbon economy”. With this new offering, we are looking forward to exploring future opportunities within our trading area.

Financial terms of the deal will not be publicly disclosed.

Please visit Tesla.com/supercharger to learn more about Tesla’s supercharger network and our Prince Albert Food Store to see the new supercharger station in action.