April 20, 2023

Managing your medications and keeping track of how they interact with each other can be challenging. Your Lake Country Pharmacist has the expertise to ensure your medications are providing the maximum benefit as they work together.

Roman Rovensky, Pharmacy Manager at Sherwood Co-op in Regina, Sask., explained the medication review process and how your pharmacy can help you make the most of your medications.

What is a medication review?

"A medication review gives patients an opportunity to sit down with your Co-op Pharmacist for an assessment of your medications – prescription, non-prescription and alternative – as well as other lifestyle factors," explained Rovensky.

These reviews help you better understand the medications you're taking and what they're used for. They're designed to ensure you're taking the right medication, at the right dose and route, for the right indication and the proper amount of time. Medication reviews are tailored to those who are taking multiple medications at a time—usually five or more long-term medications—to help manage the potential for drug-related problems and interactions.

What should I know before my review?

You should bring any medications you are currently taking, including prescription or over-the-counter medications, vitamins or supplements and natural health products, so your pharmacist can assess your full medication history.

Your pharmacist will meet with you in a private setting to discuss your medication history, health conditions and lifestyle factors, as well as any results from your previous lab tests or blood work.

What happens during the review?

The pharmacist will consider each of your medications and discuss what you're taking, why and how you're taking it and any side effects you've experienced. The pharmacist will also look for potential drug interactions or problems to identify any issues and look for solutions.

If your pharmacist identifies a concern with a medication you're taking (or should be taking), a health condition or a lifestyle factor, they will help determine solutions to improve the issue.

"With your consent, your pharmacist will share the findings with your health-care professional team, including your doctor, to come up with the best possible solution to your health or medication-related problems," explained Rovensky.

Solutions can include changes in medication, dosage, time taken, how it's administered and duration of treatment. Lab tests, blood work or follow-ups with your physician may also be necessary.

"Your Co-op Pharmacist is here to help and will be happy to provide you with medication counselling, whether it is a specific concern or about several health conditions or medications," said Rovensky.

Visit your Lake Country Co-op Pharmacy to arrange a medication review appointment with your Lake Country Co-op Pharmacist. No referral is necessary!

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