March 8, 2024


In recognition of International Women’s Day, Lake Country Co-op will be launching our 5th annual “Every Woman Matters. Period” campaign. This campaign serves to empower women by raising awareness about the impact of “period poverty”. A 2023 Canadian Survey by Plan International Canada found that as many as 25% of Canadian women had to choose between purchasing menstrual products and essentials such as food and rent, and most are too shy to talk about it.

From March 8 to the 16, we will be selling “Feminine Hygiene Kits” for $10 each at our Prince Albert, La Ronge and Nipawin food stores as well as our Marketplace and Clinic Pharmacies in Prince Albert. Donations of menstrual products will also be accepted at these locations. Money raised will be used to purchase feminine hygiene products that will be donated to local community organizations supporting women in need; Prince Albert YWCA, Piwapan Women’s Centre in La Ronge and Nipawin Oasis Centre.

“Our goal with this campaign is to not only create conversations about the reality of period poverty in our communities, but also to empower women to be the best they can be, which starts with meeting basic hygiene needs,” said Monique Zwack, Executive Director Pharmacy and Customer Experience for Lake Country Co-op, “Lake Country Co-op strives to make each of our communities better, and this is yet another way that we can succeed with our goal.”

The YWCA in Prince Albert houses more than one hundred women and female youth which adds up to tens of thousands of nights spent in programs each year. In addition, they support women who are part of non-shelter programs or who walk in from the street needing supplies. “The rate of inflation has made it more difficult than ever to afford basic necessities, especially for those who are on low or fixed incomes. Having hygiene products on hand to meet the needs of our community helps those who struggle the most.” said Jessie Kendall, Communication and Marketing Coordinator for the YWCA Prince Albert. “We’re grateful for everything that Lake Country Co-op does for us and the community—this campaign being just one of many.” said Kendall.

In La Ronge, the Piwapan Women’s Centre is a non-profit organization that offers a full range of residential and outreach services specializing in helping women and children impacted by family violence. Piwapan plays a key role in servicing La Ronge and small communities in Northern Saskatchewan. According to Karen Sanderson, the Centre’s Executive Director, the program sheltered over 100 families last year and makes care packages containing feminine hygiene supplies to provide to youth group participants. “We are very grateful to receive this support as it will greatly impact the care we can provide to the many families and youth that rely on our services.”

The Nipawin Oasis program provides ongoing support to the community by offering programs that support families, women and those experiencing homelessness. The Nipawin community currently has 194 people experiencing homelessness and 49 unhoused families, with the need for support continuously growing. Executive Director Joy Hanson is most appreciative of the support, stating “This will make such a big difference, allowing us to stretch our limited budget a little further so that we can continue supporting people of all ages in our community”.

Through the generosity of our members and customers in Prince Albert, Nipawin and La Ronge, we are hoping to provide enough feminine hygiene products to support women in need within these communities for the next few months.

From March 8-16, Prince Albert, La Ronge and Nipawin food stores as well as the Marketplace and Clinic Pharmacy locations in Prince Albert will have feminine hygiene kits available for purchase. All proceeds will be donated to select local community-based organizations. To donate remotely, please contact Shauna (shauna.campbell@lakecountrycoop.ca) or Brittney Rosenberg (brittney.rosenberg@lakecountrycoop.ca).

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