Become a Member
July 20, 2018

Becoming a Lake Country Co-op member has never been so easy! Simply, apply online today and unlock lifetime benefits.

Becoming a member is easy. Apply online here.  

From now until September 30, 2023, when you become a Lake Country Co-op member you will receive a $10 off coupon in return, meaning it's essentially free to unlock lifetime benefits! 

Are you already a Lake Country Co-op member? We did not forget about you. Lake Country Co-op members can also receive a $10 off coupon when they refer a friend who becomes a member. Refer someone today here.

Please note the coupon will expire approximately a month after receiving it. Exclusions on lottery, tobacco, and pharmacy apply. Referral Coupon is only provided if the referral actually becomes a member in the correct time frame. 

Why a Lake Country Co-op Membership?

Our members are our owners, and you receive a portion of the profits earned by our local Co-op. In 2022, $19 million dollars was given back to our members in patronage and $750,000 was provided to a variety of community support organizations.

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