Our wine, spirits, beer business unit is growing
March 9, 2023

Our Wine, Spirits, Beer business unit is expanding to another lake destination point – Big River Saskatchewan. We have recently acquired the Big River Liquor store.

Acquiring this operation will give our customers a high-end shopping experience without the drive to the city while providing them with socially responsible interactions. Customers will experience a unique and memorable atmosphere when shopping including many excellent sale items, local products, craft beer, and limited-edition items.

Big River Liquor store has been serving their community for many years and we are excited to continue this legacy. This has been a family run business that is trusted and well respected and has values and services that align with us, which makes this opportunity a natural fit for our Co-op. Both entities have been an integral part of the community for years and we are proud to continue with this business.

This investment supports the local economy by providing and maintaining high quality employment opportunities for the community of Big River. We value our people and provide extensive benefit offerings as a means of celebrating the importance of our teams.

Our purpose is to serve our members and communities now and into the future. Acquiring this new site will significantly expand our presence and will help us to meet the growing needs of our members. “This investment expands the local services for our members” said Geoff German, VP Consumer Operations and Innovation of Lake Country Co-op. “It also provides a convenient and expansive customer experience to the people of Big River and the visitors to this community.”

We believe in supporting local communities and are proud to give back. As a Co-operative, we are owned by our members, which means we reinvest our profits back into the local economy. By choosing to shop with us, you’re supporting a business that is dedicated to making a difference in your community.

This opportunity is extremely exciting for the Big River area. It will allow our members and customers to discover why we are the destination for everything in Big River – food, fuel, liquor, and home and building supplies related.

Ownership change will be on April 3, 2023. Stay tuned for grand opening details.

Financial terms of the deal will not be disclosed.