February 17, 2020 Hours of Operation
February 13, 2020
Please see below for the February 17 Hours of Operation:

Administration       CLOSED
Air Ronge C-Store       6am-10pm
Big River Food Store      10am-5pm
Big River C-Store      7am-10pm
Big River Home Centre      12pm-5pm
Birch Hills Food Store      10am-5pm
Birch Hills C-Store/Liquor      10am-7pm
Canwood Agro      CLOSED
Canwood Food Store      12pm-5pm
Debden C-Store      10am-5pm
Domremy Food Store      CLOSED
Kinistino Food Store      10am-5pm
Kinistino Agro       12pm-5pm
La Ronge C-Store       6am-10pm
La Ronge Food Store       9am-6pm
Marcelin Food Store       12pm-5pm
Prince Albert Food Store      8am-10pm
Prince Albert Food Store Pharmacy      10am-6pm
Prince Albert Agro      CLOSED
Prince Albert Clinic Pharmacy      CLOSED
Prince Albert Elevator Road Agro      CLOSED
Prince Albert Home Centre      8am-5pm
Wine, Spirits, Beer Cornerstone       10am-7pm
Wine, Spirits, Beer Marquis      10am-7pm
Prince Albert C-Store @ Marquis      6am-11pm
Prince Albert C-Store @ Cornerstone      6am-11pm
Prince Albert C-Store @ 2nd Ave      6am-11pm
Prince Albert Gas Bar @ 1 Ave      CLOSED
Paddockwood Food Store      10am-5pm
Shell Lake Building Centre      CLOSED
Shellbrook Agro      CLOSED
Shellbrook Building Centre      CLOSED
Shellbrook C-Store      6am-11pm
Smeaton Food Store      9am-6pm
Spiritwood Agro      8am-9pm
Wakaw C-Store      6am-11pm
Wakaw Lumber Centre      11am-4pm
Wakaw Food Store      10am-5pm
Whitestar Agro      CLOSED